The Best And Addictive Nintendo Switch Game

From a long time ago, Nintendo has offered game products with unique innovations. Right now, you can enjoy playing exciting games via the Nintendo Switch console. So, the Nintendo Switch itself is a modern hybrid console that allows us to be able to play at home or while traveling. There are tons of best-selling games on the Nintendo Switch that we can always enjoy. For those of you who have this Nintendo Switch console, or intend to buy a Nintendo Switch, there’s nothing wrong with knowing what are the best games. Here are some Nintendo Switch games that might be right for you and addictive.

Super Mario Odyssey

One of the best games on the Nintendo Switch console is Super Mario Odyssey. In this game, Mario as the main character again has to struggle with the enemy, namely the evil turtle named Bowser. This Mario along with the Cappy character or the hat can make Mario have unique abilities, so Mario needs to save Princess Peach. This rescue Mario made from the grasp of the Bowser character who wanted to marry him. In addition, Mario in this game can “possess” various objects and enemies by throwing Cappy.

There are various kinds of puzzles and obstacles in the game with this 3D platform. We can finish this game by taking advantage of the various enemy forces. In this super Mario game, you can explore various unique themed areas. Then search each corner to be able to get power moons. So, these power moons are items that must be collected to be able to go to the next area location. With this game, you can enjoy a variety of challenging mini-quests.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

There is also another game series, Super Smash Bros. So Super Smash Bros is a game with the fighting genre and takes the characters from various other game franchises. So, you could say Super Smash Bros is a crossover game. Each game released has a larger collection of characters by applying slightly different gameplay. Now there are a lot of people playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate because it is very exciting along with the many choices of characters. There are various kinds of popular crossover characters in Super Smash Bros that we can play.

For example, Mario, Kirby, Link, Pikachu, Mewtwo, even Snake, which is a Metal Gear Solid game character. There are many playable characters in Super Smash Bros. There are at least 74 types of playable characters in each game franchise by having stages including their own OST. In addition, the Super Smash Bros game is perfect for us to play when we are getting together or at parties. This is because Super Smash Bros can be played by up to 8 people at once. You can play this one game to fill your daily spare time. What’s more, it’s even more exciting to play the game because there are many characters for you to choose from. There are still lots of other Nintendo Switch games that are definitely fun.

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