Tips To Get The Most Of The Xbox One

For all of you who have just bought an Xbox One, it is better to have to learn some kinds of tricks for this one console. You can maximize the Xbox One that you have for various purposes. So that playing Xbox One will be more comfortable and smoother. Here are some tricks for using the Xbox One console.

Speed Up Game Installation Process On Xbox One

This one of the most important tips for gamers who own an Xbox One. Every time you install a game from a CD, it usually takes a lot of time to complete the installation. However, this can be easily resolved. You can disconnect the Xbox One from the internet and then install the game. Meanwhile, this Xbox One game will install faster than before.

This one thing can happen because when the Xbox One is connected to the internet, the console also downloads the patch from the internet access during the installation. So, that can make the process of installing the game take longer. So, removing the Xbox One console from the internet can speed up the installation of each of your games. There are of course many more tricks that you can apply when using the Xbox One.

Sharing Digital Games With Friends

There are many Xbox One console owners who don’t know this one. So, you can actually share various digital games with your friends. Meanwhile, you can only do this with one friend. The two of you can share this Xbox One game with one another. That way, then you can play certain games with each other without having to buy them. With this Xbox One trick, it will certainly make playing games more flexible.

You will need to provide your friend with information about your Xbox Live account and have him or her provides you with account information as well. You can start by signing up with your friend’s account and setting your Xbox One as “Xbox Home” status via the Settings option. Then once set, you can log in using your own account and each of your friends’ games can appear in the “Ready to install” option in the My Games & Applications menu. Xbox One users can simply select any game title on the list. Then you will be able to start downloading the game on your Xbox One console.

Using The Smartglass Application To Control Xbox One Usage

If you are using the common and less flexible Xbox One controller system, then it feels less comfortable. You can actually control the Xbox One console from your pocket. So, you can use your smartphone to be able to control the Xbox. This is basically what you can turn your smartphone into a remote-control function for controlling the Xbox One. Of course, there are certain instruments to support the Xbox One trick. Then you can take advantage of the help of an application called Microsoft Smartglass. This app for Xbox One controls is available for Android devices, Windows Phone devices, and iOS devices. Then you just need to download the application on your smartphone device and then you can do more features directly from using your cellphone.

Streaming Xbox One – Windows 10

You can also stream any Xbox One game to your Windows 10 OS device without any problems. This can be done as long as both devices are connected to the same local network, you can stream any application or game. First of all, Xbox One users need to set up these Xbox One features for game streaming purposes. The trick is to open Settings> Preferences, check the option ‘Allow game streaming to other devices’. That way, on Windows 10 devices, you can open the Xbox application and then click Connect in the lower-left corner. Then follow the steps to connect your Xbox to your Windows 10 laptop or device. Then Xbox One users can stream whatever they want from their Xbox device to your computer or laptop. Then also make sure the two devices are connected via the same wireless / wired network.

Easy Screenshot Via Xbox One

Xbox also added support for being able to take screenshots while you are playing. You can take a screenshot at any time by double-tapping the Xbox button that lights up on your controller. Then just tap “Y” instead. When you’ve double-tapped the Xbox button, the Snap menu appears and you’ll be able to see it. You can press Y to take a screenshot, which is what is written on the left side of the menu. Press Y and you can take a screenshot. You can save or share with friends easily. There are various other tricks to maximize the use of this Xbox One. There are even Xbox One games that you can play for free.

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