The Latest Technology Trend For Career Improvement

Technology is developing not slowly but very fast. This technological development means enabling a change or progress in various fields. For example, a technology-based career that has changed. We must understand this because we could take advantage of these technological advances in our future careers. We still have to get into technology trends and try to read what the future holds. It is important for us to know the skills that need to be prepared for certain types of work. Each job you want to do, of course, must meet the qualifications. The following are some of the technological trends in the field of work.

Edge Computing Technology

We need to know Cloud computing is a work-related technology. This cloud itself has become mainstream to support many companies to do their jobs. For example, there is cloud support such as AWS or Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Some of these programs have dominated the market. Meanwhile, the adoption of cloud computing systems is still growing, as more and more businesses migrate to cloud systems. As the amount of data used to be handled continues to increase, there is a growing awareness of the drawbacks of cloud computing in a number of situations. Edge computing systems are designed to help solve these various problems. Edge computing can be a way to bypass latency. Where this latency is caused by cloud computing and helps channel data to the center for processing.

It can be found on the edge if you want to be closer to the location where the computer is located. For this reason, edge computing can be used for the purposes of processing sensitive data at certain times and locations. Especially if the connectivity is limited or there is no connection to a centralized location. In such situations, edge computing can act as a mini data center. With edge computing systems it will increase as the use of IoT devices or the Internet of Things increases. As the marketplace is constantly evolving, this can create a demand for jobs, especially software development engineers.

Cyber Security

The security aspect in cyberspace does not look like the toughness of technology that is now sophisticated. Because threats in cyberspace are always there. There are malicious hackers trying to illegally access data which every digital company should be aware of. These hackers will continue to find a way to get past even the toughest or most complicated steps. Some of the new technologies have been adapted to increase security due to these threats. Some of these advances are hardware authentication, then cloud technology as previously discussed, and deep learning of cybersecurity.

Adding a data loss prevention system and including behavioral analysis to the priority list is essential for any digital company today. As long as there are hackers, we will always have to have sophisticated cybersecurity in place. This technology must be improved because hackers will continue to revolutionize. So, we must always defend against these hackers. In addition, as strong evidence, the need for cybersecurity professionals can be seen in the number of cybersecurity jobs that are growing up to 3x faster than other technology jobs. There is a lot of work around cybersecurity that is very high paying. So that this technology can offer a very promising career. But the job is only suitable for someone who wants to get by with cybersecurity which is definitely very risky if we are negligent.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

VR has immersed users in a different environment than usual. While there is also Augment Reality that can increase the capabilities of many companies. Although VR has mainly been used for various kinds of games, VR has also been used for training purposes. For example, like VirtualShip, which is a simulation software used to train the Navy. Can also be used for the Army and Coast Guard. While the popular example of AR is Pokemon Go. Both of these have great potential in training, education, entertainment, marketing, as well as rehabilitation.

Either it can be used to train doctors in performing surgery, then offer a deeper experience for museum visitors or not. But of course, this can continue to be improved depending on the developer and the company’s decisions. AR can also enhance the experience of playing in amusement parks, it can even increase marketing in various kinds of innovations. The demand for job candidates with VR qualifications has been increasing, although not so much. But employees around potential VR are also in short supply. From this increasing demand, it could be a potential source of job vacancies. There are many major players in this VR market, such as Google, Oculus, and Samsung. That’s all the info that discusses the latest information about technology and trends to support the job opportunities of many people.

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