Some Benefits of Public Cloud Computing Service Features

There is a technology that has been implemented by many companies and online businesses, which is Cloud computing. So, cloud computing is an internet-based computerization process. This technology aims to facilitate various kinds of human work. If you use this cloud computing technology service, then you can store data via virtual. Including cloud computing, it makes it easy for us to process data virtually and online.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing According To Its Function

The benefits of cloud computing can also be collaborating with other parties at the same time, being able to work in real-time, and other cloud computing benefits. Cloud technology already provides various platforms that are ready to use. So, there is no need to prepare a variety of supporting infrastructure. There is no need for both the server hardware and storage media. No need for software and so on. This cloud platform is mostly open source but there are also some paid ones. If you subscribe to a paid cloud service, you can enjoy more additional features or more complete. Apart from the benefits of cloud computing that have been mentioned above, there are actually several other advantages in using cloud computing. Here are some of the uses of cloud computing based on its features.

Cloud Computing

There are cloud computing features that prioritize convenience and comfort for each user. The way to operate cloud computing is simple and has a variety of features. Of course, in cloud computing, there is the latest and most sophisticated technology. With cloud technology, it can ensure that users work flexibly anywhere and anytime.

Cloud Hosting

There is also cloud hosting which is a cloud service for web hosting purposes. This cloud hosting feature can be used to store files or data on the website via a cloud server. Then besides that, with cloud hosting services you can also maintain website uptime and also balance the server load. This cloud hosting method is called shared hosting. Cloud hosting uses various servers by utilizing certain resources from a centralized source. That way, if there is a server error, other servers will not be affected but can run normally. Cloud hosting services have the advantage of high uptime, are easy in terms of scale, and there is a dedicated IP address/resource.

Cloud Storage

When you use cloud computing, you won’t need to prepare extra storage in the form of large-capacity local hard disk hardware. To be able to store your large data, you can take advantage of this cloud technology. All the data can be stored in a cloud storage service/ server that has almost unlimited capacity. But this service is very easy for us to access anytime and anywhere. With the condition that is connected to internet access. This cloud storage system operates online, so it can be easier from any process. Whether it’s retrieval and management of the data. If you need more storage for storing files, then you don’t have to worry. You only need to upgrade storage to the best cloud service providers.

Cloud Backup

There is also a Cloud backup which is a backup of storage data on a cloud server. A Cloud backup system uses virtual storage, so it is not physical like hardware. Then the advantage of using cloud backup is the ease of upgrading storage capacity. Then you can easily schedule and automate the process of moving, copying data, and making backups. In addition, data can be accessed anywhere and anytime through any kind of media. That’s simple information this time about the benefits of cloud technology that has been utilized by many digital-based companies.

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