The Most Useful and Popular Apps for Student

The use of gadgets and apps for students keeps growing. Nowadays, students do not have to bring heavy books every day to school just like in the past days. One gadget can help them to change notebook and handbook at the same time. Most schools especially high schools also give assignments and tests by online or computer-based tests.

Actually, books are still popular in school. However, since most of the assignments and tests are taken online and computer based, the pdf file books are more preferred than the manual hand book. Moreover, since the covid-19 pandemic, face to face school is prohibited. Most students must study from home and the teacher gave the learning material in a soft file. Here are the most useful and popular apps for the student.

The Most Popular Apps for Virtual School

  • Zoom

Since face-to-face school is prohibited by the government, most schools and universities try to use zoom to conduct online school from home. This app can be found on topalter site and can be installed on a PC or smart phone so anyone can use this app everywhere.

Usually, the teacher roles as the host of the zoom school and shared the link with all students. Later, students can join the online school based on the schedule decided by the teacher. Zoom apps can add 1000 participants at once and it is free for everyone.

  • Google Meet

Google always try to satisfy its user by maximizing all of its features especially Google meet. Since the pandemic started the last 2019, the virtual meet is used not only for company meeting but also for education or school purposes. All Gmail owners can use this kind of app and can be installed on either PC or Smartphone.

Once you have had a Gmail account, you can start to join the meeting with the shared link from the teacher. Below are the steps to connect Google meet:

  1. Install Google meet in the Apple Store or Google Playstore for a smartphone. If you want to sign in with a PC, you can open your Gmail account
  2. Sign in with your Google account
  3. PC users must click the ninth dot on the top right of Google Home and choose Meet.
  4. Input or paste the link and join the meeting.

The Most Helpful Apps for Assignment

  1. Google Translate

It must be the most useful apps for all students, especially for non-English speaker students. It must be tiring if students need to open the dictionary one by one to translate the reading material.

  1. Google Drive

Nowadays PDF file books are common for students. However, the capacity of a PC or smart phone cannot save all the important data at once. Google drive helps students to keep the learning material and tasks safely with large capacity.

  1. Adobe App

Currently, not all smartphone has been installed its built-in application to open PDF File. Therefore, Adobe is the most helpful which is popular in

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How New Technologies Have Changed the Automotive Industry

As the technology develop more and more sophisticated, people now can enjoy the coziness and simplicity with it. There is no doubt, the reason why technology is enhanced and developed well is to create simplicity and practicality in all fields. One very example that is now becoming popular is the technology that is implemented in many cars. Let’s take an example of New Ferrari Roma which has great engines, and equipped with sophisticated technologies such as ESC (Electronic Stability Control), driver assistance systems such as the cruise control, rear and front radar and also lane-departure warning systems. These technologies applied in a car are only a few from complete Ferrari features, and we can see clearly that all these technologies implemented is intended to bring practicalities for both passenger and also driver.

Do New Technologies Change the Automotive Industry?

Well, the question is may sound ambiguous since the automotive industry has always refer to the same intention, to bring mobility easiness for some people. But, if we talk the industry of how it made and the fuel to power the car itself, it might be different. Some changes in automotive industries always began with technologies which include digitalization. Like the features implemented in New Ferrari Roma, digital implementation is always there such as the rear and front radar which surely include digitalization because it is transferred to an image to a screen in the front cabin.

Digitalization may also affect the type of fuel itself. As we know in the modern era like right now, electric car is very popular. Elon Musk is the one that brings electric car to popularity through his Tesla Car Model. While other automotive companies made the hybrid system, the Tesla released its new product with full electric and automated features which also sold in such a great affordable price compared to other companies. This is the example of breakthrough in the field of automotive, the electric system.

Unlike any other common cars, the electric car uses the electricity to power the car. The electric fuel is quite efficient compared to petrol, or gasoline that used by common cars. This is what makes the industry changed its path, from traditional common car, to an electric vehicle.

So, What’s Changed?

The obvious change in the automotive industry is about its fuel and its autonomy. Most electric car companies recently began to develop the driving assistance feature to the higher level. Such technology which is very obvious is the smart driving system which the driver can relax and the car can drive itself. Although this AI technology is still developed, this feature is very well welcomed. Maybe in the next 10 years, the smart driving system will reach its full potential and became one of the mandatory features that implemented in a car.

We have to face the fact that common cars is more widely used recently. The era of hybrid car like New Ferrari Roma is also well welcomed for some customers worldwide, and we have to wait longer to see if the electric car will reach its full potential or not in the future.

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Some Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Artificial Intelligence has many benefits for various activities. Even so, artificial intelligence is also reaping many opinions, both pros, and cons. Apart from the negative aspects of AI, many methods and tools have been created to help everyday life with artificial intelligence technology. AI can solve a variety of complex problems because it offers a wide variety of useful tools. So, it is only natural that artificial intelligence is the best solution today which is better always used. The following are examples of some of the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence.

Detect Hoax / Fake News

One of the benefits of artificial intelligence is that it can detect hoaxes. You may have or often read various hoax news circulating around you. With AI, it is able to detect hoax news. You do this with artificial intelligence working through words and then compiling patterns. That way, artificial intelligence technology can judge the truth of a news/article. For example, for a Facebook company with a lot of posts every hour, it is impossible for them to check it manually. For this reason, Facebook must take advantage of AI so that it can see and then analyze words that have fake news. So that artificial intelligence can prevent hoax news from circulating among the public.

Artificial Intelligence To Help People With Disabilities

Artificial intelligence can also be used to help those with disabilities. For example, Huawei has used AI and augmented reality technology to create the Story Sign feature. Story Sign is a free mobile application that can help deaf children learn to read. With the application of artificial intelligence, it can also translate text into sign language. Then the company also created the Track.AI feature, which is a device that is easier to use and more affordable in identifying children’s visual impairments. This one thing can prevent blindness. Then there are other AI-based applications that Huawei has made that can translate emotions into simple and short sounds. This application can assess the emotions of other people’s faces in order to help blind people too. So, you can see the emotions of the person you are talking to.

Artificial Intelligence Technology For Cancer Screening

In fact, artificial intelligence has often been applied to various fields including health. This AI ability can identify cancer, including detecting breast cancer and prostate cancer. With artificial intelligence, it is also used to predict the development of various kinds of diseases. Thanks to artificial intelligence research on the disease, it can help overcome cancer with various clinical trials. Including drug development can take advantage of AI because it can review it in helping medical team decision making. Actually, there are many more uses of artificial intelligence technology for various other things. Including artificial intelligence to be able to find out the changing climate and so on. It could even be AI to aid conservation as it allows conservationists to analyze data easily and effectively. There are of course many benefits of AI today that can help many people.

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Some Benefits of Public Cloud Computing Service Features

There is a technology that has been implemented by many companies and online businesses, which is Cloud computing. So, cloud computing is an internet-based computerization process. This technology aims to facilitate various kinds of human work. If you use this cloud computing technology service, then you can store data via virtual. Including cloud computing, it makes it easy for us to process data virtually and online.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing According To Its Function

The benefits of cloud computing can also be collaborating with other parties at the same time, being able to work in real-time, and other cloud computing benefits. Cloud technology already provides various platforms that are ready to use. So, there is no need to prepare a variety of supporting infrastructure. There is no need for both the server hardware and storage media. No need for software and so on. This cloud platform is mostly open source but there are also some paid ones. If you subscribe to a paid cloud service, you can enjoy more additional features or more complete. Apart from the benefits of cloud computing that have been mentioned above, there are actually several other advantages in using cloud computing. Here are some of the uses of cloud computing based on its features.

Cloud Computing

There are cloud computing features that prioritize convenience and comfort for each user. The way to operate cloud computing is simple and has a variety of features. Of course, in cloud computing, there is the latest and most sophisticated technology. With cloud technology, it can ensure that users work flexibly anywhere and anytime.

Cloud Hosting

There is also cloud hosting which is a cloud service for web hosting purposes. This cloud hosting feature can be used to store files or data on the website via a cloud server. Then besides that, with cloud hosting services you can also maintain website uptime and also balance the server load. This cloud hosting method is called shared hosting. Cloud hosting uses various servers by utilizing certain resources from a centralized source. That way, if there is a server error, other servers will not be affected but can run normally. Cloud hosting services have the advantage of high uptime, are easy in terms of scale, and there is a dedicated IP address/resource.

Cloud Storage

When you use cloud computing, you won’t need to prepare extra storage in the form of large-capacity local hard disk hardware. To be able to store your large data, you can take advantage of this cloud technology. All the data can be stored in a cloud storage service/ server that has almost unlimited capacity. But this service is very easy for us to access anytime and anywhere. With the condition that is connected to internet access. This cloud storage system operates online, so it can be easier from any process. Whether it’s retrieval and management of the data. If you need more storage for storing files, then you don’t have to worry. You only need to upgrade storage to the best cloud service providers.

Cloud Backup

There is also a Cloud backup which is a backup of storage data on a cloud server. A Cloud backup system uses virtual storage, so it is not physical like hardware. Then the advantage of using cloud backup is the ease of upgrading storage capacity. Then you can easily schedule and automate the process of moving, copying data, and making backups. In addition, data can be accessed anywhere and anytime through any kind of media. That’s simple information this time about the benefits of cloud technology that has been utilized by many digital-based companies.

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The Latest Technology Trend For Career Improvement

Technology is developing not slowly but very fast. This technological development means enabling a change or progress in various fields. For example, a technology-based career that has changed. We must understand this because we could take advantage of these technological advances in our future careers. We still have to get into technology trends and try to read what the future holds. It is important for us to know the skills that need to be prepared for certain types of work. Each job you want to do, of course, must meet the qualifications. The following are some of the technological trends in the field of work.

Edge Computing Technology

We need to know Cloud computing is a work-related technology. This cloud itself has become mainstream to support many companies to do their jobs. For example, there is cloud support such as AWS or Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Some of these programs have dominated the market. Meanwhile, the adoption of cloud computing systems is still growing, as more and more businesses migrate to cloud systems. As the amount of data used to be handled continues to increase, there is a growing awareness of the drawbacks of cloud computing in a number of situations. Edge computing systems are designed to help solve these various problems. Edge computing can be a way to bypass latency. Where this latency is caused by cloud computing and helps channel data to the center for processing.

It can be found on the edge if you want to be closer to the location where the computer is located. For this reason, edge computing can be used for the purposes of processing sensitive data at certain times and locations. Especially if the connectivity is limited or there is no connection to a centralized location. In such situations, edge computing can act as a mini data center. With edge computing systems it will increase as the use of IoT devices or the Internet of Things increases. As the marketplace is constantly evolving, this can create a demand for jobs, especially software development engineers.

Cyber Security

The security aspect in cyberspace does not look like the toughness of technology that is now sophisticated. Because threats in cyberspace are always there. There are malicious hackers trying to illegally access data which every digital company should be aware of. These hackers will continue to find a way to get past even the toughest or most complicated steps. Some of the new technologies have been adapted to increase security due to these threats. Some of these advances are hardware authentication, then cloud technology as previously discussed, and deep learning of cybersecurity.

Adding a data loss prevention system and including behavioral analysis to the priority list is essential for any digital company today. As long as there are hackers, we will always have to have sophisticated cybersecurity in place. This technology must be improved because hackers will continue to revolutionize. So, we must always defend against these hackers. In addition, as strong evidence, the need for cybersecurity professionals can be seen in the number of cybersecurity jobs that are growing up to 3x faster than other technology jobs. There is a lot of work around cybersecurity that is very high paying. So that this technology can offer a very promising career. But the job is only suitable for someone who wants to get by with cybersecurity which is definitely very risky if we are negligent.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

VR has immersed users in a different environment than usual. While there is also Augment Reality that can increase the capabilities of many companies. Although VR has mainly been used for various kinds of games, VR has also been used for training purposes. For example, like VirtualShip, which is a simulation software used to train the Navy. Can also be used for the Army and Coast Guard. While the popular example of AR is Pokemon Go. Both of these have great potential in training, education, entertainment, marketing, as well as rehabilitation.

Either it can be used to train doctors in performing surgery, then offer a deeper experience for museum visitors or not. But of course, this can continue to be improved depending on the developer and the company’s decisions. AR can also enhance the experience of playing in amusement parks, it can even increase marketing in various kinds of innovations. The demand for job candidates with VR qualifications has been increasing, although not so much. But employees around potential VR are also in short supply. From this increasing demand, it could be a potential source of job vacancies. There are many major players in this VR market, such as Google, Oculus, and Samsung. That’s all the info that discusses the latest information about technology and trends to support the job opportunities of many people.

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Tips To Get The Most Of The Xbox One

For all of you who have just bought an Xbox One, it is better to have to learn some kinds of tricks for this one console. You can maximize the Xbox One that you have for various purposes. So that playing Xbox One will be more comfortable and smoother. Here are some tricks for using the Xbox One console.

Speed Up Game Installation Process On Xbox One

This one of the most important tips for gamers who own an Xbox One. Every time you install a game from a CD, it usually takes a lot of time to complete the installation. However, this can be easily resolved. You can disconnect the Xbox One from the internet and then install the game. Meanwhile, this Xbox One game will install faster than before.

This one thing can happen because when the Xbox One is connected to the internet, the console also downloads the patch from the internet access during the installation. So, that can make the process of installing the game take longer. So, removing the Xbox One console from the internet can speed up the installation of each of your games. There are of course many more tricks that you can apply when using the Xbox One.

Sharing Digital Games With Friends

There are many Xbox One console owners who don’t know this one. So, you can actually share various digital games with your friends. Meanwhile, you can only do this with one friend. The two of you can share this Xbox One game with one another. That way, then you can play certain games with each other without having to buy them. With this Xbox One trick, it will certainly make playing games more flexible.

You will need to provide your friend with information about your Xbox Live account and have him or her provides you with account information as well. You can start by signing up with your friend’s account and setting your Xbox One as “Xbox Home” status via the Settings option. Then once set, you can log in using your own account and each of your friends’ games can appear in the “Ready to install” option in the My Games & Applications menu. Xbox One users can simply select any game title on the list. Then you will be able to start downloading the game on your Xbox One console.

Using The Smartglass Application To Control Xbox One Usage

If you are using the common and less flexible Xbox One controller system, then it feels less comfortable. You can actually control the Xbox One console from your pocket. So, you can use your smartphone to be able to control the Xbox. This is basically what you can turn your smartphone into a remote-control function for controlling the Xbox One. Of course, there are certain instruments to support the Xbox One trick. Then you can take advantage of the help of an application called Microsoft Smartglass. This app for Xbox One controls is available for Android devices, Windows Phone devices, and iOS devices. Then you just need to download the application on your smartphone device and then you can do more features directly from using your cellphone.

Streaming Xbox One – Windows 10

You can also stream any Xbox One game to your Windows 10 OS device without any problems. This can be done as long as both devices are connected to the same local network, you can stream any application or game. First of all, Xbox One users need to set up these Xbox One features for game streaming purposes. The trick is to open Settings> Preferences, check the option ‘Allow game streaming to other devices’. That way, on Windows 10 devices, you can open the Xbox application and then click Connect in the lower-left corner. Then follow the steps to connect your Xbox to your Windows 10 laptop or device. Then Xbox One users can stream whatever they want from their Xbox device to your computer or laptop. Then also make sure the two devices are connected via the same wireless / wired network.

Easy Screenshot Via Xbox One

Xbox also added support for being able to take screenshots while you are playing. You can take a screenshot at any time by double-tapping the Xbox button that lights up on your controller. Then just tap “Y” instead. When you’ve double-tapped the Xbox button, the Snap menu appears and you’ll be able to see it. You can press Y to take a screenshot, which is what is written on the left side of the menu. Press Y and you can take a screenshot. You can save or share with friends easily. There are various other tricks to maximize the use of this Xbox One. There are even Xbox One games that you can play for free.

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The Best And Addictive Nintendo Switch Game

From a long time ago, Nintendo has offered game products with unique innovations. Right now, you can enjoy playing exciting games via the Nintendo Switch console. So, the Nintendo Switch itself is a modern hybrid console that allows us to be able to play at home or while traveling. There are tons of best-selling games on the Nintendo Switch that we can always enjoy. For those of you who have this Nintendo Switch console, or intend to buy a Nintendo Switch, there’s nothing wrong with knowing what are the best games. Here are some Nintendo Switch games that might be right for you and addictive.

Super Mario Odyssey

One of the best games on the Nintendo Switch console is Super Mario Odyssey. In this game, Mario as the main character again has to struggle with the enemy, namely the evil turtle named Bowser. This Mario along with the Cappy character or the hat can make Mario have unique abilities, so Mario needs to save Princess Peach. This rescue Mario made from the grasp of the Bowser character who wanted to marry him. In addition, Mario in this game can “possess” various objects and enemies by throwing Cappy.

There are various kinds of puzzles and obstacles in the game with this 3D platform. We can finish this game by taking advantage of the various enemy forces. In this super Mario game, you can explore various unique themed areas. Then search each corner to be able to get power moons. So, these power moons are items that must be collected to be able to go to the next area location. With this game, you can enjoy a variety of challenging mini-quests.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

There is also another game series, Super Smash Bros. So Super Smash Bros is a game with the fighting genre and takes the characters from various other game franchises. So, you could say Super Smash Bros is a crossover game. Each game released has a larger collection of characters by applying slightly different gameplay. Now there are a lot of people playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate because it is very exciting along with the many choices of characters. There are various kinds of popular crossover characters in Super Smash Bros that we can play.

For example, Mario, Kirby, Link, Pikachu, Mewtwo, even Snake, which is a Metal Gear Solid game character. There are many playable characters in Super Smash Bros. There are at least 74 types of playable characters in each game franchise by having stages including their own OST. In addition, the Super Smash Bros game is perfect for us to play when we are getting together or at parties. This is because Super Smash Bros can be played by up to 8 people at once. You can play this one game to fill your daily spare time. What’s more, it’s even more exciting to play the game because there are many characters for you to choose from. There are still lots of other Nintendo Switch games that are definitely fun.

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