How New Technologies Have Changed the Automotive Industry

As the technology develop more and more sophisticated, people now can enjoy the coziness and simplicity with it. There is no doubt, the reason why technology is enhanced and developed well is to create simplicity and practicality in all fields. One very example that is now becoming popular is the technology that is implemented in many cars. Let’s take an example of New Ferrari Roma which has great engines, and equipped with sophisticated technologies such as ESC (Electronic Stability Control), driver assistance systems such as the cruise control, rear and front radar and also lane-departure warning systems. These technologies applied in a car are only a few from complete Ferrari features, and we can see clearly that all these technologies implemented is intended to bring practicalities for both passenger and also driver.

Do New Technologies Change the Automotive Industry?

Well, the question is may sound ambiguous since the automotive industry has always refer to the same intention, to bring mobility easiness for some people. But, if we talk the industry of how it made and the fuel to power the car itself, it might be different. Some changes in automotive industries always began with technologies which include digitalization. Like the features implemented in New Ferrari Roma, digital implementation is always there such as the rear and front radar which surely include digitalization because it is transferred to an image to a screen in the front cabin.

Digitalization may also affect the type of fuel itself. As we know in the modern era like right now, electric car is very popular. Elon Musk is the one that brings electric car to popularity through his Tesla Car Model. While other automotive companies made the hybrid system, the Tesla released its new product with full electric and automated features which also sold in such a great affordable price compared to other companies. This is the example of breakthrough in the field of automotive, the electric system.

Unlike any other common cars, the electric car uses the electricity to power the car. The electric fuel is quite efficient compared to petrol, or gasoline that used by common cars. This is what makes the industry changed its path, from traditional common car, to an electric vehicle.

So, What’s Changed?

The obvious change in the automotive industry is about its fuel and its autonomy. Most electric car companies recently began to develop the driving assistance feature to the higher level. Such technology which is very obvious is the smart driving system which the driver can relax and the car can drive itself. Although this AI technology is still developed, this feature is very well welcomed. Maybe in the next 10 years, the smart driving system will reach its full potential and became one of the mandatory features that implemented in a car.

We have to face the fact that common cars is more widely used recently. The era of hybrid car like New Ferrari Roma is also well welcomed for some customers worldwide, and we have to wait longer to see if the electric car will reach its full potential or not in the future.

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