How to Be a Transformative Educator

How do you call someone who is teaching students at school, education foundation, or academy? Do you call them teachers? Or, do you call them educators? The term teacher seems to be more general and popular to call someone who has more knowledge to teach students at school. Even, the term of the educator will be quite strange since we have rarely seen any institution hire an educator. Mostly, they hire someone as a teacher for their institution.

However, do they differ from each other? What makes them different actually? For the commoners, they look like the same thing, only different on the term. Both of them are defined as skillful people with high education who teach students and give them information and knowledge that they never know before from school.

If we investigate thoroughly, the term educator has a higher level than a teacher. Moreover, the highest level of the teacher is called a transformative educator. To be a transformative educator is not an easy task. It needs a long process until they gain this kind of title.

What Are The Differences Between Teacher And Educator?

To make it clear, let’s discuss first about the differences between teacher and educator:

  • Teacher: They are people who work under an institution or education foundation to teach students and follow the standard instruction from the related institution. The teacher also must follow guidelines that have been prepared before so everything has been determined.
  • Educator: They are people with an excellent level of academic skill and knowledge, skillful in communication, and mastering certain courses. The educator comes to the student to educate them with their updated information and follow the latest development of knowledge.

What Is a Transformative Educator?

Being an educator does not only stop educating students with their excellent academic knowledge and mastering course. More than that, a transformative must be able to transform students in a certain good manner, great both academic skill and actual life skill for their career and life.

How to Be A Transformative Educator?

Being a transformative educator is not a goal for someone who is entering the education field. It needs a long process until someone realized the importance of being a transformative educator. You can start your process of becoming a traditional teacher from the beginning. After you enjoy it, you can learn how great a transformative educator is.

  • Practice makes perfect

Since it is not easy to be a transformative educator, you have to practice every time. Push yourself to change your traditional way of teaching. It needs some years until you master this.

  • Discuss with partner

Discussing with a partner is also important to make yourself a transformative educator. They can give you suggestions and comment about your education process.

  • Start an observation

You also can observe your partner how they educate their student in class in education foundation, what makes them successful, and things you must follow.

  • Educate them beyond the course

Make sure that you insert some real-life course while educate them.

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