Some Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

Artificial Intelligence has many benefits for various activities. Even so, artificial intelligence is also reaping many opinions, both pros, and cons. Apart from the negative aspects of AI, many methods and tools have been created to help everyday life with artificial intelligence technology. AI can solve a variety of complex problems because it offers a wide variety of useful tools. So, it is only natural that artificial intelligence is the best solution today which is better always used. The following are examples of some of the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence.

Detect Hoax / Fake News

One of the benefits of artificial intelligence is that it can detect hoaxes. You may have or often read various hoax news circulating around you. With AI, it is able to detect hoax news. You do this with artificial intelligence working through words and then compiling patterns. That way, artificial intelligence technology can judge the truth of a news/article. For example, for a Facebook company with a lot of posts every hour, it is impossible for them to check it manually. For this reason, Facebook must take advantage of AI so that it can see and then analyze words that have fake news. So that artificial intelligence can prevent hoax news from circulating among the public.

Artificial Intelligence To Help People With Disabilities

Artificial intelligence can also be used to help those with disabilities. For example, Huawei has used AI and augmented reality technology to create the Story Sign feature. Story Sign is a free mobile application that can help deaf children learn to read. With the application of artificial intelligence, it can also translate text into sign language. Then the company also created the Track.AI feature, which is a device that is easier to use and more affordable in identifying children’s visual impairments. This one thing can prevent blindness. Then there are other AI-based applications that Huawei has made that can translate emotions into simple and short sounds. This application can assess the emotions of other people’s faces in order to help blind people too. So, you can see the emotions of the person you are talking to.

Artificial Intelligence Technology For Cancer Screening

In fact, artificial intelligence has often been applied to various fields including health. This AI ability can identify cancer, including detecting breast cancer and prostate cancer. With artificial intelligence, it is also used to predict the development of various kinds of diseases. Thanks to artificial intelligence research on the disease, it can help overcome cancer with various clinical trials. Including drug development can take advantage of AI because it can review it in helping medical team decision making. Actually, there are many more uses of artificial intelligence technology for various other things. Including artificial intelligence to be able to find out the changing climate and so on. It could even be AI to aid conservation as it allows conservationists to analyze data easily and effectively. There are of course many benefits of AI today that can help many people.

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