The Most Useful and Popular Apps for Student

The use of gadgets and apps for students keeps growing. Nowadays, students do not have to bring heavy books every day to school just like in the past days. One gadget can help them to change notebook and handbook at the same time. Most schools especially high schools also give assignments and tests by online or computer-based tests.

Actually, books are still popular in school. However, since most of the assignments and tests are taken online and computer based, the pdf file books are more preferred than the manual hand book. Moreover, since the covid-19 pandemic, face to face school is prohibited. Most students must study from home and the teacher gave the learning material in a soft file. Here are the most useful and popular apps for the student.

The Most Popular Apps for Virtual School

  • Zoom

Since face-to-face school is prohibited by the government, most schools and universities try to use zoom to conduct online school from home. This app can be found on topalter site and can be installed on a PC or smart phone so anyone can use this app everywhere.

Usually, the teacher roles as the host of the zoom school and shared the link with all students. Later, students can join the online school based on the schedule decided by the teacher. Zoom apps can add 1000 participants at once and it is free for everyone.

  • Google Meet

Google always try to satisfy its user by maximizing all of its features especially Google meet. Since the pandemic started the last 2019, the virtual meet is used not only for company meeting but also for education or school purposes. All Gmail owners can use this kind of app and can be installed on either PC or Smartphone.

Once you have had a Gmail account, you can start to join the meeting with the shared link from the teacher. Below are the steps to connect Google meet:

  1. Install Google meet in the Apple Store or Google Playstore for a smartphone. If you want to sign in with a PC, you can open your Gmail account
  2. Sign in with your Google account
  3. PC users must click the ninth dot on the top right of Google Home and choose Meet.
  4. Input or paste the link and join the meeting.

The Most Helpful Apps for Assignment

  1. Google Translate

It must be the most useful apps for all students, especially for non-English speaker students. It must be tiring if students need to open the dictionary one by one to translate the reading material.

  1. Google Drive

Nowadays PDF file books are common for students. However, the capacity of a PC or smart phone cannot save all the important data at once. Google drive helps students to keep the learning material and tasks safely with large capacity.

  1. Adobe App

Currently, not all smartphone has been installed its built-in application to open PDF File. Therefore, Adobe is the most helpful which is popular in

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